Smash Mouth Posts Bikini Photos Of Kim Kardashian To Honor Late Lead Singer Steve Harwell

smah mouth and kim kardashian

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Popular 90s band Smash Mouth has paid tribute to their late lead singer Steve Harwell, who passed away last week due to liver failure, in one of the most outrageous ways possible: retweeting Kim Kardashian.

Whether or not Kardashian realized it, the caption that she used for a recent set of bikini photos, “All that glitters is gold,” is a lyric from the iconic Smash Mouth song “All Star.”

Clearly seeing an opportunity to go viral and pay tongue-in-cheek tribute to Harwell, the official Smash Mouth Twitter account reposted the photos and finished the lyrics for her.

When it was reported that Hawell had been placed in hospice care for his family to say their goodbyes, a manager for the band said that Hawell’s liver failure was a result of alcohol abuse that occurred “throughout his life.”

The 56-year-old Harwell passed away on September 4 due to liver failure. The former Smash Mouth frontman last performed with the band in 2021. Harwell’s retirement came following a hectic live performance which saw him slurring his words and threatening members of the crowd.

Smash Mouth was first formed in the year 1994 and would go on to become an ironic staple of 90s music culture thanks to songs such as “Walkin’ on the Sun”, “Then The Morning Comes”, “All Star,” and “I’m A Believer”, with the latter two achieving even further cultural significance thanks in large part to their appearance in the first Shrek film.

“All Star”, in particular, remains in the pop cultural zeitgeist to this day due to its status as a meme. From 2017 to 2021, for example, “All Star” was one of the most widely streamed rock songs in the country.

As for Kardashian, the model, influencer, entrepreneur, and former adult motion picture star has become one of the most famous celebrities in the world over the last 15 years, as she currently has over 364 million followers on Instagram.

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