Python With ‘Smiley Face’ Emoji Markings Earns Breeder $6K

Smiley Face Emoji Snake Sold


What do you get when you cross lavender albino ball python with those annoying emojis that suddenly pass for actual words?

For one snake breeder in Georgia, you get $6,000.

According to UPI, Justin Kobylka spent years attempting to create the perfect Emoji smiley face pattern on lavender albino ball pythons.

Eventually, one reptile was born with three yellowish smiley faces on its side.

The entire process took about eight years.

Kobylka then sold the reptile for “more than sixty times” the price of a typical ball python.

Kobylka told UPI the smiley face color combination was likely to pop up in only one in 20 of the snakes he bred.

“One-of-a-kind patterns on snakes can occur naturally due to recessive gene mutations but yellowish smiley face symbols likely would not be be found in the wild,” he told the news outlet.

Kobylka, who has been breeding snakes for 20 years, showed off other rare snakes with polka-dot-style markings on his company’s Facebook page.

The breeder didn’t disclose who dropped $6K on the snake.

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[via UPI]