Sociologist Who Worked At Tinder And Bumble Explains The Dating Profile Photo Mistake You’re Making

by 10 months ago
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You put on your favorite shirt, you take the photo from your good side, and your hair is on point. You snap your photo for your dating app profile pic. But one thing is missing… your smile. That is the key to an engaging and right-swiping profile photo according to a sociologist who has worked at Tinder and Bumble.

Dr. Jess Carbino earned her PhD in sociology from UCLA and has been a sociologist at Tinder and is currently working in the same role for Bumble unveils the secret to getting right-swipes on dating apps. Dr. Carbino’s research has found that smiling in your profile pic greatly enhances your chances for charming a special someone. The good doctor says ditch the Blue Steel serious model poses because you’re not a model.

“We’ve been so socialized to believe that this sexy, smoldering look is theoretically appealing because we’ve watched people in movies and in Calvin Klein ads presenting themselves in this way,” Dr. Carbino said. “But the vast majority of people don’t look like people in Calvin Klein ads.” The truth is a hard pill to swallow, but it could mean more right-swipes and that’s what really matters.

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