Sony Is Getting Savagely Mocked After Unveiling Their ‘New’ PlayStation 5 Logo At CES 2020

Sony Is Getting Mocked After Unveiling New PlayStation 5 Logo At CES

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On Monday, during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Sony made some noise about the unveiling of their “brand new” logo for the upcoming Playstation 5. They really shouldn’t have.

Fans who gathered for Sony’s highly-anticipated panel, looking for more information about the new PS5, came away sorely disappointed. The Playstation 5 will come with 3D audio, haptics/adaptive triggers, ultra-high speed SSD, hardware-based ray tracing, and an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player – stuff that had already been revealed.

As the panel started up on a big stage with much fanfare for the keynote event, Sony Interactive Entertainment president CEO Jim Ryan repeated the also previously revealed holiday 2020 release for the console and then announced to the crowd, “I’m pleased to show you, for the first time, our new logo.”

If that looks a lot like the PS4 and PS3 logo, you’re not wrong.

Not that there’s anything terrribly wrong with it, it’s just… people waited for this panel to happen and this was the biggest news to come out of it? Really? All they did was change the 4 to a 5.

Reactions to this “announcement” was met with an appropriate amount of snark and sarcasm.

Now there’s a scoop.