Sony’s Decision To Re-Release ‘Morbius’ In Theaters Has Reignited The Meme As Movie BOMBS For 2nd Time, Earning Just $300K This Weekend

Memes: 'Morbius' Made Just $300K In Its Return To Theaters

Sony Pictures

  • Sony decided to re-release Morbius in theaters due to the popularity of the viral meme.
  • The movie ultimately bombed again, making just $300,000 over the weekend.
  • As a result, the Morbius meme has been given a second wind.

What a roller-coaster week it’s been for me, the internet’s most feverous Jared Leto hater. A few weeks back, I thought Morbius had accomplished what I’d spent the better part of five years doing: convincing the collective pop-cultural consciousness that Jared Leto actually sucks (and sucks quite a bit at that).

The film was not only a commercial bomb but it was reviled by both audiences and critics alike to such an extent that it became one of the most meme’d movies in recent memory, with those who hadn’t even seen the film even partaking in the meme-ing.

This meme-ing, though, seemed to convince Sony Pictures that Morbius was, in fact, popular and that it’d be a good idea to re-release it in theaters to try to harness its inherent internet fame.

Sony execs learned the hard way that the internet does not represent real life, as Morbius earned just $85,000 on Friday (good for $82 per-theater it was shown in) and $300,000 over the entire weekend, which perhaps makes it the first move in history to bomb *twice*.

Not only that, but Sony’s foolhardy decision to Renter The Mobr seems to have reignited the meme: last week, when the internet realized Sony and Jared Leto were now in on the meme, it was determined that the joke had officially been killed. But now, similar to Morbius himself, the meme has been given a second lease on life as movie fans have spent the weekend clowning on Sony for being so shortsighted and un-internet-savvy.

Movie fans clown on Morbius for bombing in theaters a second time

Perhaps this will finally be the last nail in Jared Leto’s coffin: being the first actor in history to star in a movie that’s bombed twice.

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