Southern University’s Human Jukebox Marching Band Cover Of Travis Scott’s ‘NC-17’ Is Absolute Fire

Southern University Human Jukebox Travis Scott NC-17

Southern University Human Jukebox

  • When it comes to college marching bands, Southern University’s Human Jukebox is at the top.
  • Its cover of Travis Scott over the weekend will blow out your speakers.
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If you are unfamiliar with the greatness that is the Southern University Human Jukebox, let this be your introduction. The loud and proud, brass-blaring, drum-banging, bleacher-dancing band from Louisiana is among the elites when it comes to college marching bands.

As opposed to the traditional marching style that you might find at a Big Ten program, the Jaguars create their own style. It’s high-energy and it’s in-your-face with showmanship and performance.

For some, if not most Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Saturdays are not about the football game. It’s about the band.

Although Southern’s football team is 4-4, people turn out in mass for the pregame, halftime and fifth quarter shows. Each week, the Human Jukebox comes out with something different and it’s always incredible.

Typically, the program incorporates popular R&B and hip-hop hits into their intricate, extremely technical routines. That was certainly the case this past Saturday.

As Southern took on Alcorn State, the band broke out into a speaking-banging rendition of Travis Scott’s hit song ‘NC-17.’ Take a listen:

Compare it to the original, it’s perfect:

When it comes to performance, this song was all about the music. Although the Fabulous Dancing Dolls had a slightly choreographed routine in the forefront, the band was absolutely JAMMING out in the background.

It’s an absolute blast to watch some of the nation’s top talent go so hard on a song that they’re excited about and let loose.

A lot of times, the band is fairly reserved while its counterparts play. Not in this case. The Human Jukebox was GETTING IT and having a lot of fun. It shows.