Cops Break Up A Planned ‘Drug-Fueled Orgy’ During Coronavirus Lockdown In Spain By Seizing Drugs And Making Arrests

cop knocking on door

iStockphoto / kzenon

Spain is one of the European countries that has been hit brutally hard by the novel coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 spread. Overnight, Spain reported 8,578 new cases yesterday and 655 deaths in the past 24 hours.

The country of Spain is on a strick lockdown to stop the spread of this virus. Across the country, 55 people have been arrested and more than 6,000 citizens have been fined for breaking the quarantine rules according to the NYPost.

A little pandemic-fueled quarantine wasn’t enough to try and stop some horny Spaniards, it took police intervention and arrests to thwart the planned sex party. They seized cocaine, ecstasy, and made arrests. All of this while the police are just trying to stay alive and keep society from collapsing…Not waste their time breaking up sex parties full of dipshits.

Undercover cops in coronavirus-battered Spain have rounded up eight people accused of violating the lockdown by organizing a drug-fueled orgy in Barcelona, according to a report.

Over 3,600 people have died in Spain from COVID-19, but that apparently did not prevent the suspects from planning the sex bash, which was organized online, according to The Sun.

Amid a twang of remorse, one of the would-be revelers tipped off the authorities, who seized drugs including cocaine and liquid ecstasy from an apartment that had been rented for a week, the news site reported.

Twenty other people had planned to show up for the romp, according to local reports. (via NYPost)

I bet they weren’t even hot people trying to get in on the orgy. All of the hot people are at home chugging water and eating lean. Getting in shape for when the quarantine lifts and the REAL sex parties begin. Not these ones putting people’s lives in danger.

According to The Sun, the police were tipped off when one of the people who was set to bump uglies at the orgy realized that they’d be breaking curfew in order to do so. They report that all of the expected attendees will be fined for ‘breaching government orders to remain at home and avoid socialising’ in the middle of the strict lockdown.

The experts keep reiterating that things are going to get significantly worse in the coming days before they get better but that won’t stop people from being dipshits.

For more on the situation in Spain and how the police have been controlling the people breaking the lockdown orders, you can follow that link above to The Sun.