The Internet Is Downright Furious That A Steak Restaurant Has A $100 Minimum

The Internet is furious that Philadelphia restaurant and steakhouse Steak 48 has a strict dress code and $100 minimum. Twitter reactions,

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Twitter is a hell-site where rage rants and viciousness are rewarded, and you can witness mental breakdowns in real-time. Another major part of Twitter reactions are people raging at absolutely inane things. Today’s innocuous thing that people are caterwauling on Twitter about is … *spins wheel* … the Steak 48 restaurant has a $100 minimum and a strict dress code. Internet reactions to Steak 48 having a $100 minimum were at times unhinged, to say the least.

On Wednesday afternoon, “Steak 48” was a trending topic on Twitter. Steak 48 is an upscale steakhouse that has locations in Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The internet reacted to a policy of Steak 48 that calls for a “$100 per person food and beverage minimum.”

“There is a $100 per person food & beverage minimum for each person at your table in order to ensure that each guest enjoys the total experience of food, service, and atmosphere,” the Steak 48 website for the Philly location states. “This does not include tax or tip.”

“Steak 48 opened its Philadelphia location in September 2020, after a five-month delay due to the coronavirus pandemic,” according to Penn Live. When Steak 48 first opened, the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that the average check per person was $120, including tax and tip.

In addition, there is an extensive and strict dress code at the fancy steak restaurant.

  • Sweat suits or workout attire which includes: running/ gym shorts, sports bras, heavy weighted, hooded sweatshirts, or yoga/workout pants
  • Sweatshirts or t-shirts with large images, screen printing or large logos, large writing or characters
  • Men’s tank tops or sleeveless shirts
  • Exposed undergarments
  • Bustier tops, corset tops, bandeaux tops, or tube tops unless each is worn under a waist-length jacket
  • Any clothing that is excessively revealing and shows a overly bare midriff or excessive cleavage
  • Any clothing with language or graphics that are vulgar or sexually explicit
  • Excessively frayed or torn clothing
  • Clothing emitting offensive odors such as excessive perfume, cologne, tobacco, and or marijuana odors
  • All hats for gentlemen guests
  • Ball cap style hats for women
  • Bandannas worn as headwear
  • Footwear is required but there are no restrictions on the type of footwear worn

Twitter reactions to the steak restaurant having a $100 minimum requirement were furious and angry. Many demanded that Steak 48 pay their workers more, while others made it into a racial discussion.

Some mocked the steak restaurant for being too hoity-toity.

One online commenter wanted to be properly announced upon their arrival at Steak 48 for those lofty prices, as seen in The Office.

A few Twitter users wondered what happens when you only spend $99.99 at Steak 48.

A handful of intelligent individuals came to the conclusion that they don’t have to go to the $100 minimum steakhouse, and there are plenty of other less expensive alternatives, even making your own meal.

However, the real issue with Steak 48 is that they charge $34 for meatloaf.


The other legitimate gripe with Steak 48 is that they offer a $34 mac n’ cheese. Sure, it has Alaskan king crab and rock shrimp in it, but it also features a “touch of Velveeta.” How are you going to charge $34 for mac and cheese and make it with plastic pretend cheese?