Steak-Umm Wars With Twitter To Get Verified And The Frozen Cheesesteak Company Wins With Spicy Memes

Have you seen the official Twitter account of Steak-Umms lately? You should. The frozen cheesesteak brand waged a war against Twitter in an effort to get verified. The beef sheet brand bombarded the social media platform with spicy memes until Twitter finally submitted and verified the Steak-umms account. Never underestimate the power of memes or frozen beef sheets.

The transformation of a boring old corporate Twitter account into a fire-memeing beast started in August when Nathan Allebach took hold of the Steak-umms Twitter account. The 26-year-old social media coordinator had one mission — to get verified by any memes necessary. The Philadelphia-based frozen cheesesteak launched their #VerifySteakUmm campaign and assaulted Twitter and their CEO Jack Dorsey.

For over four months, the frozen sliced cheesesteak meat brand waged a tireless war to get verified. And then it happened. On January 15th, the verification became a reality.

Over 13,000 people now follow the Steak-umms account like a beacon of light in the darkest of nights. Even Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk congratulated Steak-umms on getting verified.

So what will happen to the frozen cheesesteak company and it’s famous Twitter now that it is verified?

Steak-umms, keep on memeing on and bringing the beef.