Steph Curry Purchased An NFT Golf Membership And Prices Went Through The Roof

Jed Jacobsohn

  • Steph Curry is the latest individual to purchase an NFT from LinksDAO
  • Mike Dudas came up with LinksDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization for golfers
  • LinksDAO minted 9,090 NFT memberships to raise funds to build a physical golf course and country club

Last week we wrote about how the crypto collective LinksDAO (DAO meaning “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) sold over $10.4 million dollars in NFT golf memberships. LinksDAO sold the NFTs to raise money for an actual golf course to be physically constructed for the owners to use. Steph Curry is the latest buyer to secure himself a spot at the future country club.

Because of how NFTs can prove true ownership through 100% transparent ledgers on the blockchain, LinksDAO felt it was a no-brainer to create their future country club memberships via this method.

They minted 9,090 NFTs and divided them into two tiers. The first tier membership, called the Leisure Membership, includes a count 6,363. The second tier, called the Global Membership, contains 2,727 populated NFTs. Each membership includes its own respective perks with access to events and governance rights for LinksDAO, as well as chances to win prizes.

Steph Curry and His Love for NFTs

Steph Curry is a huge collector of NFTs. He owns blue-chip NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, Adam Bomb Squad, and more. Steph even has his own NFTs out there, like the Curry Genesis Flow and The 2974 Collection—the latter based on him breaking the all-time three-pointers record.


Steph Curry Purchased A LinksDAO NFT, You Won't Believe How Much Prices Have Soared

Steph Curry’s OpenSea profile.

How do we know Steph owns all of these NFTs? Well, you can check what he acquires and sells via the blockchain. All you have to know is someone’s address (username). For the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea, Steph’s username is “SC30.”

OpenSea shows the entire ownership of each NFT on the platform. So you quite literally can type in “SC30” and view everything he buys and sells on the platform.

Steph Curry Buys Two LinksDAO Memberships

LinksDAO mixes NFTs with another one of Steph’s passions, golf. So it makes sense when people noticed he bought a Leisure Membership and a Global Membership yesterday.

And here’s what LinksDAO had to say to about Steph’s purchase.

When we covered LinksDAO last week, we were shocked to see how much prices soared due to popular demand for the one-of-a-kind memberships.

Steph’s purchase of the NFTs has now blown those numbers out of the water.

LinksDAO Membership Prices Soar—Time to Sell?

The original price for a Leisure Membership was 0.18 Etherium (around $607) and 0.72 ETH ($2,420). Prices then shot up to 0.34 ETH for a Leisure ($1,140) and 1.1 ETH ($3,700) last week.

Thanks to Steph Curry, a LinksDAO Leisure Membership is currently selling for 0.80 ETH ($2,700) and a Global Membership 2.2 ETH ($7,440).

While LinksDAO has a roadmap built for the timetable of the country club, the actual plans have still yet to be drawn up.

You can imagine how tempting it must be right now for owners to sell their memberships and profit several thousand dollars.

But that’s the ultimate dilemma when it comes to buying and selling NFTs. Do you believe in the vision? Do you believe the value will continue to increase or hold? Or are you looking to ride the wave and sell when demand is high?

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