Steve-O Talks About His Biggest Regret Right Now With Bam Margera

Steve-O doing stand-up comedy

Getty Image / Bobby Bank

Steve-O recently had Bam Margera join him on a 10-stop comedy tour. Bam was assisting Steve-O as the opening act and it was a great way to get Margera back into the public eye with some sense or normality as Bam continues to struggle with addiction.

The final stop of the tour was in Santa Rosa which is very close to where Bam’s ex lives with his son, Phoenix Wolf Margera. Bam Margera implored Steve-O to reach out to Bam’s ex, Nicole Boyd, so he could spend the day with his son.

As is often the case when addiction looms over a situation, things were going great but only for a minute. Later that day/night, Bam Margera put up a resentful Instagram post about Johnny Knoxville and it was up for 20+ hours before Steve-O left a comment.

It was evident to Steve-O that Bam Margera had been drinking when he put up the post. Steve-O left some very earnest but personal comments that almost immediately went viral despite Steve-O deleting the comment after just 2 minutes.

Steve-O discussed this on his recent podcast episode and how this is his biggest regret with Bam Margera right now:

Steve-O said he didn’t want this to become a thing but understands how the media machine grows. After TMZ reached out to confirm it the story was picked up all over.

Steve-O admitted that he and Bam Margera had spoken since then. He proposed the idea of opening up a trust for Bam’s son, Phoenix, and have money from the sales of their skateboards go into that trust for Phoenix. Oddly, Steve-O said that go no response from Bam Margera.

As for the comment… The way Steve-O tells it, the gist of his comment was “you’re dying, bro, you’re dying. And I want to save you but I can’t do that.”

The full comment reads:

“Bam, last night you had your five-year-old son with you on stage at my show, and you were blessed with the chance to spend another day or two with him — then as soon as you left my show, you stayed up all night getting loaded enough to think it was a good idea to post more vile nonsense like this.”

“I hope you understand how awful that is. You say you want to have a relationship with your son, but your actions guarantee the exact opposite will happen. I brought you on tour with me in hopes that I could get you to see what’s possible for you if you choose recovery.”

“I’ve tried everything I can, but I can’t force you to get honest and do the work of recovery. I wish you could know how much I’ve hated feeling braced for news of your death, but you’re making it clear that I have no other choice.”

“You’re dying, brother, and it sucks that I can’t do anything to save you.”

I can understand why Steve-O would’ve wished he said that stuff mano-a-mano.

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