Stimulus Check Complaints Flood @IRS On Twitter, An Account That’s Actually Not Owned Or Run By The IRS

Stimulus Check Complaints Flood IRS On Twitter The Wrong Account


Have you not received your stimulus check from the IRS yet? Have you tried to find out the status of your stimulus check by using the “Get My Payment” IRS site only to be told “Payment Status Not Available… according to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time” when you enter your information?

Join the club.

Some people have had their stimulus checks sent out only to discover that instead of them being deposited into their bank accounts they were put in their tax preparers’ accounts.

Naturally, if one or all of these things have happened to you it would make sense to jump on social media and fire off a tweet to the IRS asking what’s going on with the money you were told you’d be receiving from the government.

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One would have to assume that the IRS being the IRS their Twitter account would surely be @IRS, right? I mean, why even look it up. It’s the damn IRS. Who else would have that Twitter handle?

Stimulus Check Complaints Flood IRS On Twitter Wrong Account


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Turns out that the Internal Revenue Service’s Twitter handle is actually @IRSnews.

Not that it’s stopped a gazillion people from sending angry tweets to a person named Pauna Cristina at the @IRS Twitter handle.

And on and on it goes.

Perhaps if all of these messages directed at @IRS were sent to the correct @IRSnews Twitter account then maybe everyone would actually get their money.

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