These Fan Theories Connecting ‘Stranger Things’ To Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Are Scary Good


The Duffer Brothers have made it no secret that there are oodles of references, hidden and otherwise, to movies, shows, games and books from the 1980s sprinkled throughout Stranger Things.

It’s also no secret that Stephen King has seen a lot of those references and thought that they looked pretty familiar.

So would it be any surprise to discover that Stranger Things season two has some references to the horror movie of the moment (and Stephen King book from the 1980s) IT? And we’re not just talking about the fact that Finn Wolfhard is in both films.

I mean, how many of you, like me, look at Mike, Will, Dustin and the gang and think “Losers Club”?

And what about Bob? No, not the Bill Murray movie. I’m talking about the character, Bob the Brain?

Check this out…

Interesting, right? Well, hang on because…


H/T Hitfix