Streaming Study Says Amazon Prime Video Gives Best Bang For Your Buck In 2020 — See If You Agree

Streaming Study Says Amazon Prime Video Gives Best Bang For Your Buck


A new study of streaming services conducted by streaming hub Reelgood reveals that Amazon Prime Video provides the most bang for the buck in 2020.

If anyone would know, it should be the folks over at Reelgood as their app tracks over 50 streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, Crackle, TubiTV, FX, ABC, iTunes, Vudu, and more.

But, of course, we’ll be the judge of whether they are right or not because this is the internet after all, isn’t it?

Okay, first up is the fact that the services Reelgood used in the study are Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV+. So of all the big ones available right now. Good start. And no rent or buy content was included, just the stuff you get for your monthly fee.

Speaking of monthly fees…

The plus symbol services win that round.

Next they took a look at the obvious, how many TV shows and movies does each streaming service provide per dollar spent?

Wow. No contest here. Amazon Prime Video in a landslide.

Okay… now we’re starting to understand why Reelgood is saying Amazon Prime Video is such a great deal.

However, you may have noticed the different shades of green in those charts. While Amazon dominates overall, when it comes to “quality” and “high quality” shows and movies, while Prime still does well with TV shows, Netflix and Hulu are right there with them.

But when it comes to movies, especially good ones, it looks like Amazon Prime Video really is the best bang for our buck right now.

Don’t sleep on HBO Max yet though, they’re just getting started and so far when it comes to sheer volume of movies, they already have the third most of any service.

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