Study Finds Fat Isn’t That Bad For You And People On Low-Fat Diets Have Higher Mortality Rates

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Broken Lizard

You know that scientific study from a month or a year ago that said that you shouldn’t eat this or that? Yeah, well, disregard that because there’s a new study that finds the exact opposite. That’s pretty much how it seems in recent years. A study comes out to debunk everything we’ve ever been told about healthy habits and then a year later another study comes out claiming to debunk the other study. The most recent example of this is a new scientific study states that fat isn’t as bad for you as previously believed and people on low-fat diets have higher mortality rates.

Researchers with the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study followed the diets of 135,335 people ages 35 to 70 years of all income ranges in 18 countries from 2003 until 2013.The results, which were published Tuesday in the journal Lancet, found that those who subscribed to a low-fat diet had higher mortality rates. This is quite the opposite findings compared to what we’ve been told that fat increases cholesterol levels and raises the risk of heart disease.

Researchers analyzed 5,796 deaths and 4,784 major cardiovascular disease events. The researchers discovered that those who had 35% fat intake of their daily calories were 23% less likely to die than those who only had 10% of their calories as fat. The study also found that people who consumed three to four servings of fruits, veggies and legumes had just as likely a rate of death as those who ate eight servings or more.

However, they also found that carbs are still deadly. Those studied who ate approximately 77% of daily calories in carbohydrates were 28% more likely to have died than those with the lowest carb intake. BUT MUH DOUGHNUTS! BUT MUH PIZZA! BUT MUH PASTA!

“These results point to the fact that human biology is very similar across the globe,” Eric Rimm, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, told the online newsletter Stat. “It’s not healthy to eat highly processed carbohydrates no matter where you live.”

So enjoy eating butter, cheese, and chocolate until next week when fats are bad again.