Styles&Complete Is Bringing Back Their Power Hour Mix Series For Your Winter Throw Downs

If you’ve been following BroBible for a while, you probably remember our weekly mix series, The Melt, back in the glorious days of Soundcloud. It was a much simpler time and Tim Gunter did a hell of a job mixing up classic bangers from DJs and producers big and small.

It totally, completely ruled and – offline – it helped me build amazing friendships and professional relationships with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, especially in the Los Angeles music world.

North Carolina-turned-LA producers Styles&Complete are one of those groups we featured way back when, in what seems like a millennia ago.

The dudes from Styles&Complete are jumping back in the mix game in a huge way, reviving their Hour of Power mix series outta no where.

If you’re not throttled by stoke, check out their remix of the Monday Night Football song theme song on ESPN the other week:

Smash the play button and boogie down.

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