‘Subway’ Jared Fogle Treated Like A Celebrity In Prison, Says Inmate Who Attacked Him

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The last time we heard anything about disgraced Subway pitchman Jared Fogle a former husband and wife who were tied to him were receiving prison sentences totaling 60 years combined.

Since then, at least according to one former fellow inmate, the 45-year-old ex-fast food pitchman has been living like a king in prison.

In a new interview with RadarOnline.com, Steven Nigg was reportedly “infuriated at the way the creep was being hailed as a conquering hero by other fawning perverts caged at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Englewood.”

“They don’t have much,” Nigg said, referring to the other pedophiles in the prison nicknamed Chomos.

“So here comes Jared in Englewood and the Chomos were like ‘this guy is famous’ and everybody is looking forward to seeing him because ‘he’s one of us,'” Nigg said. “They looked at him as if he was a God.”

Nigg also claims Jared Fogle was even assigned bodyguards by the sick group.

At some point, Fogle allegedly tried to organize the much-hated Chomos to avoid frequent beatdowns from other inmates and demand more privileges from prison officials.

“He was going around saying, ‘there is enough of us and we can do this and that in here,’” said Nigg, who was released from prison in February after serving 12 years on federal gun charges.

Steven Nigg was the inmate who left Jared Fogle “beaten and bloodied” in the rec yard at Englewood prison in Colorado back in 2016.

After the beating, Nigg’s family said Steven was sick of the number of child sex predators in Colorado’s Federal Correctional Institution and Fogle was “the last straw.”

To ensure Fogle’s (and Niggs’) safety, prison officials ended up moving Nigg to an Oklahoma facility, 700 miles from the Colorado prison.

“I figured I had enough of this,” Nigg told RadarOnline.com. “He (Fogle) showed no remorse and was acting like the girls he molested were nothing. And HE was the victim!

“I lost it. I saw him in the athletic field rec yard, and I went up to him. His two bodyguards looked at me, and they knew who I was, and they said, ‘oh no,’ and they ran because they knew I would go through them if I had to, to get to Jared – no problem.

“They just left him hanging,” he said with a laugh. “(Fogle) tried to throw one punch, I saw his shoulder move and I nailed him extra hard. I only hit him seven times because I had to go. I saw some people walking around and I didn’t want them to see me.”

In January of 2022, Jared Fogle released a handwritten letter addressing his disgusting acts.

The earliest possible day he can be released from prison is March 24, 2029.

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