Watch The ‘Succession’ Cast And Crew Shave Jeremy Strong’s Head After Final Day Of Filming

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There has been much talk about the series finale of the HBO hit Succession since it was released on Sunday night.

The Roy siblings’ battle for the top spot in Waystar-Royco has been riveting to watch. As has Tom and Greg’s journey through the company.


While most of Succession focused on the backstabbing and outright in-your-face betrayal most of the characters participated in, there was one scene at least where Kendall, Shiv, and Roman showed they did have the capacity of being genuinely happy.

That scene was in their mother’s kitchen as the siblings created a “meal fit for a king” as they planned to anoint Kendall Roy the new ruler of their fiefdom.

What’s even nicer about that scene is that, based on the video below and the outfit Sarah Snook is wearing in it, it appears that was the vert last scene that Snook, Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Strong shot together.

Watch as the cast and crew of the show, including Snook and Culkin, celebrate Succession coming to a triumphant end by … shaving Jeremy Strong’s head.

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As everyone who watched the Succession series finale knows, it ended with Kendall Roy sitting by the water looking like he didn’t know whether to live or die.

Which is pretty much what was going through Jeremy Strong’s mind as he filmed the scene.

Strong revealed on the Succession podcast, “I sat on the bench, and it always to me felt like there was nowhere, there’s no coming back from this.

“And I looked at these waves and it was so windy that day and so cold and there was some piece of metal clanging and it was this terrible sound, and I sort of couldn’t bear it. And I stood up and walked slowly to the barrier that was set up there and climbed over it and I didn’t really know what I planned to do, and the actor playing Colin saw me and ran and stopped me from doing it.”

He also admitted, “I mean, I’m sure [show creator Jesse Armstrong]’s choice is better. I think you see the intentionality in the character.”

That is for sure. Never has a man who just earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion looked so distraught.

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