WAIT, WHAT! The Dude Who Scored A Date With Genie Bouchard On Twitter In February Is Now On Her Couch!?!


Genie Bouchard, Instagram

If there was ever a story that should convince you to shoot your shot, even under what seems the most insurmountable of odds, it’s this one.

You ladies and gents may remember back in February when a Twitter user with a dream propositioned with tennis beauty Genie Bouchard with a Super Bowl bet. With the Falcons steamrolling the Patriots in the third quarter of the Super Bowl 51, Bouchard preemptively tweeted out ‘I knew the Falcons would win btw,’ to which University of Missouri student John Goehrke subtweeted ‘If the Patriots win, we go on a date?’ Falcons fans don’t need to be reminded of what happened next.

Anyhoo, the pair went on their first date to a Brooklyn Nets game, and judging by pictures alone, Bouchard seemed to be feeling the dude.

Well, my friends, the impossible has happened.

10 months after the bet was made, John Goehrke managed to make his way back into the SI Swimsuit model’s life, by way of her home sofa.

They’re at the stage of their relationship where they’re using Snapchat filters. Ah, young love.

This dude must have an angel watching over him…

Twitter was a mix of shocked, impressed, and jealous. As I am.

The dude must have a hammer. Only explanation I’m willing to accept.


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