Tennis Beauty Genie Bouchard’s Super Bowl Smack Talk On Twitter Now Means She Owes Some Random Dude A Date

Who knew that getting a date with one of our favorite tennis stars Genie Bouchard could be accomplished by just clapping back at her during the Super Bowl on Twitter?

Because that is exactly what happened to one lucky gentleman during Super Bowl LI on Sunday.

With the Falcons absolutely ROLLING the Patriots and looking like a lock to be champions, Bouchard tweeted that she knew Atlanta would win.

To which one wise man, suggested, “If the Patriots win we go on a date?”

Feeling pretty good about her chances, Bouchard agreed…

Then the tide started to turn…

And eventually it was ALL… OVER…

As more than one person, including Genie Bouchard, learned on Sunday, NEVER assume your team has the game in the bag until the clock reads all zeroes.

Even this morning, Bouchard still couldn’t believe it.

And also never doubt Tommy…

Can’t wait to hear about their date.

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