Survey Finds Age Plays A Factor In Where And How People Will Vacation This Summer

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Survey Age Where How Vacation Summer


As summer vacation season approaches, a new survey from Discover found that for the 58 percent of those who intend to take a summer trip, where they go, how they pay and what they do while on vacation may be dependent on their age.

The national survey of 1,100 American adults ages 18 and over found that summer vacation travel preferences vary from generation to generation. Members of generation Z, ages 18-21, are looking for an adrenaline rush on their next vacation, with 30 percent saying adventure is their top travel priority, compared to 8 percent of millennials, ages 22-37; 10 percent of generation X, ages 38-53; 7 percent of baby boomers, ages 54-72; and 9 percent of the silent generation, ages 73 and up.

For millennials who are planning a summer vacation, spending time with friends and family is their highest priority at 28 percent, while relaxation is the main driver for generation X at 34 percent. Baby boomers and the silent generation say spending time with friends and family — 36 percent and 46 percent, respectively — matters most. Exploring a new city or destination tops the list for 24 percent of all respondents.

Other key findings include:

Adventure is a top travel priority for 30% of Gen Z (ages 18-21), compared to 8% of millennials (ages 22-37), 10% of Gen X (ages 38-53), 7% of boomers (ages 54-72) and 9% of the silent generation (ages 73+).

• Millennials, 28%, rate spending time with family and friends as the highest priority on vacation, whereas 34% of Gen X chose relaxation.

• While the beach is the preferred destination for Gen Z (22%), millennials (30%) and Gen X (31%), boomers prefer road trips (27%) and the silent generation prefers a cruise (29%).

• When it comes to the most popular means of payment while on vacation, Gen Z prefers paying with cash (35%), whereas, 60% of boomers and 68% of the silent generation favor paying with credit cards.

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