Survey Of Several Hundred Men Reveals Features Guys Look For In A Perfect Man Cave

Survey Men Features Perfect Man Cave


So, do you have your own man cave? If you don’t, you should get one. You know you want to, and now, thanks to this survey of 500 American men of all ages conducted by Joybird we now have the blueprint for what guys consider to be the ideal man cave.

Covering everything from preferences for style and decor to where in the house to put your man cave, what features it should have, what drinks you should stock, and how much you should (or could) spend on your man cave, pretty much all of the bases have been covered.

For example, here are just some of the insights we gleaned from the survey results…

— If there could be any drink always on hand, 41% of men would prefer beer. Soda (22%) and hard liquor (12%) were the next two choices.

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came in as the top choice for celebrities to hang out with at 28%. Tom Brady was the top athlete at 27%.

— 1 in 3 men would choose a sports decor-theme over any others.

— Over 50% of men wouldn’t allow their significant other in their man cave.

— Respondents said the most important feature to have is multiple TVs. The least is an indoor putting green. 42% of men said they already have multiple TVs in their man cave.

— 5% of men said they spent more than $10,000 on their man cave.

Here’s what else they discovered. Grab a notepad and get ready to take some notes.

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