Sylvester Stallone And Dolph Lundgren Have Gotten Absolutely Jacked For ‘Creed 2’

rocky iv


There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who say Rocky IV  is the best movie in the franchise and those who are wrong. I fully admit this is coming from someone with a slightly unhealthy obsession with campy 80s movies featuring a gratuitous amount of punching and some unbridled patriotism mixed with a shot of xenophobia (shoutout to Bloodsport), and while I’m sure you could make the argument for other movies in the series, I won’t listen to a word you have to say.

With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed the pseudo-reboot of the franchise that was Creed and was pumped to hear there would be a follow-up set for release in 2018. I’ve been keeping track of the details as they’ve continued to trickle out and was incredibly pumped when Dolph Lundgren teased his return as Ivan Drago on Instagram last summer.

Lundgren might be 60 years old, but it appears he hasn’t slowed down one bit as he’s aged. He recently teamed up to shoot a commercial with the 71-year-old Sylvester Stallone, who treated his Instagram followers to a picture of the iconic duo taken on set. If the photo is any indication, the two are more than ready to reignite the rivalry that was formed when The Italian Stallion and The Siberian Bull set out to effectively decide the winner of the Cold War.

Early reports say Creed 2 will feature the sons of Balboa and Drago facing off against each other in the ring, but the optimist in me likes to think their elders will find an excuse to trade blows at some point before the credits roll. It would be a shame if all the protein powder that gave its life for these gains died for nothing.

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