Taco Bell Unleashes A Strawberry Skittles Slushie So You Can Drink The Rainbow

taco bell skittles slushie

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is not one to be shy with unusual food combinations. The fast food giant recently rolled out their nacho fries, French fries with “bold Mexican seasoning” and nacho cheese. Now Taco Bell is making slushies out of your favorite fruit candy. Introducing Taco Bell’s newest drink creation… the Skittles Strawberry Freeze!

Skittles was excited about the new collaboration.

The Skittles Strawberry Freeze is said to “give your insides that arctic chill,” which is great for when this seemingly never-ending winter actually ends. The Skittles Strawberry Freeze is available for $2.29 for a regular size and $2.59 for a large, and drops down to only $1 between 2 – 5 pm for Happy Hour, at participating locations. Extremely wise of Taco Bell to go with the best classic flavor offered by Skittles.

So how did Taco Bell come up with the idea of the Skittles Strawberry Freeze? Were flavorists walking down the candy aisle and they said, “Let’s make a slushie out of strawberries…”


This is the fourth time that Taco Bell went to the candy aisle for flavor ideas for their icy beverages. Taco Bell has had slushies flavored with Pop Rocks, Airheads, and Starburst. Skittles aficionados know that this is not the first time for their favorite candy to be used in a frosty drink. 7-Eleven had a green apple Slurpee a couple of years ago.

The Skittles Strawberry Freeze lets you drink the rainbow. But, Marshawn Lynch has been attempting to drink Skittles for years.