How To Properly Tailgate Like A Boss This Football Season

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What makes one tailgate better than another? I mean, from afar, most of them have TVs, tents, delicious food, beautiful women, good tunes, and coolers. But like so many other things in life, it’s whats on the inside that counts. Of course, I am referring to the coolers, it’s what’s inside the coolers that counts.

If you’re drinking the same crap as every other tailgater, you’re playing a losing game. There is only one option to maximize taste, team spirit, and optimal fun vibes.

Enter, Labatt Blue Zubaz Cans:

Dear god, they’re beautiful. They’re delicious, they’re fun, and they’re exactly what you need to rise above all other tailgates. The special, limited edition Labatt Blue cans are available in some key tailgating markets this season: Buffalo, Syracuse, Detroit, The Twin Cities, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Green Bay.

If you’re looking to tailgate like a boss, don’t even think about skipping these five things:

1. Show Your Support For The Team

If you aren’t repping your team’s colors, jerseys, hats, socks, etc then what are you doing? The team needs the fans, they need to hear the screams and see their support in the stands.

My recommendation, plan out your ‘fit the night before. Wake up and devote your morning routine to pre-tailgate mental prep, from putting on your team swag to cracking open the first beer of the day.

Boss tip: jersey on the top, Zubaz on the bottom, Zubaz on the can. You can rock your favorite jersey but stand out in the crowd thanks to some badass matching pants and beers.

Dress like a winner (…in Zubaz), drink like a winner (…Labatt Blue Zubaz cans). WIN LIKE A WINNER!

2. Food Fit For The Occasion

While some things are necessities at every tailgate, your food options should fit the mood of the game. What does this mean? Well, for starters, if it’s 90 degrees outside save mom’s chili recipe for the jacket season. Playing a team from New York? Avoid blues and greens wherever possible.

Don’t over complicate it. Make sure you have the grill necessities, plenty of ice, and plenty of cooler space for brews, water (…yeah that’s right, hydration is key), and food.

Boss tip: soak some brats in Labatt for a couple hours and enjoy accordingly.


3. Primo Lot Spot

I love sleeping in as much as the next guy but if football isn’t worth rolling out of bed then I just don’t know what’s worth starting the day early.

You know where your tickets are, you know the stadium entrance with the quickest lines, so put the same thought into your tailgate real estate. Scout the best spots, unfortunately, dibs doesn’t apply to tailgate parking spots. In the truest form of democracy: first come, first serve.

Boss tip: If your team allows it, claim your land the night before the game with tents.


4. Learn From The Best

There’s just something about that water in Western New York that makes the tailgating great.

No matter who you root for, it’s time to channel your inner-Buffalo football fan. The most legendary tailgaters in the world are born as boss tailgaters. Seriously, fans in Buffalo are born with a great buffalo chicken dip recipe, a pair of Zubaz pants, and a knack for dedication to the game before the games.

Buffalo football fans knows that sometimes winning the tailgate is just as important as winning the game. Channel their greatness at your own tailgate this season.

So, if you’re lucky, your team doesn’t play like the Bills this week but you can still tailgate like the godfather of the Bills Mafia.

Boss tip: Zubaz and Labatt are the unofficial uniform and beverage of Bills Mafia, if you’re smart you’ll play the part.


5. Stock The Coolers With Labatt Blue Zubaz Cans While You Can

You can grab the same can of beer all year long but why would you? Variety is the spice of life and football season comes but once a year, so rise above the average tailgates and claim the top of the tailgate mountain with Labatt Blue Zubaz cans as your flag!

Boss tip: It’s always better to have and not need it then need it and not have it, pack plenty of Labatt for your crew and maybe even a tailgate neighbor in need.

And even if the sweet cans aren’t available near you, that’s no excuse not to show your stripes on game day. Find Labatt Blue and Zubaz in your own way.

ALWAYS ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. Beer. ©2017 Labatt USA, Buffalo, NY. All Rights Reserved. *TM Labatt Brewing Company