Tasty Tune Tuesday 4/27: Slime Love And Danny Brown Help Bring The Funk For These 10 Songs You Need In Your Rotation

I’ve been doing a lot of “just because” listening over the past few days and it’s made me a lot happier. I always listen to music while I’m working or at the gym, but it’s been awhile since I sat down without any rhyme or reason and hit play. Now that it’s Tuesday, it’s time to share those mix of listens with you! On the third day of every week, I’ll drop ten songs that tickle my eardrums. Variety of tracks will range from hip hop/rap, EDM, country, singer/songwriter, Americana, R&B and everything in between— something for everyone depending on what I’m jamming that week.

I had to get caught up on some of the new releases, so that’s reflected in this mix, but it also has some other jams that keep the spirits high and are great for hanging out and having yourself a day. Here’s the tracklist for the 22nd edition:

Track No. 1: BUZZCUT — BROCKHAMPTON, Danny Brown

We had not heard from BROCKHAMPTON at all in the two years prior to their newest release. This was one of the singles, but they teamed up with fellow high-energy rapper Danny Brown for my favorite on the album.

Track No. 2: Look Up Child — Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle consistently breaks geographic and musical boundaries. She pushes the limits of contemporary Christian music, crossing over into singer/songwriter greatness. If you didn’t know she was a Christian artist, you wouldn’t, so if you haven’t heard of her before, don’t let that scare you away from diving in. This is not a “hidden gem” or “undiscovered talent” by any stretch, because she has a couple of Grammys and platinum records, but I absolutely love this song in particular. Look up!

Track No. 3: Goodnight — Sleepwalkrs, JP Cooper

Combining JP Cooper with an infectious bassline results in a feel-good dance track that could fit right in at a club, at the gym, or at a backyard bender with the homies. It’s just a jam.

Track No. 4: A Thought is Just a Passing Train — John Moreland

The way that John Moreland can combine his simple folk melodies with funky, instrumental experimentation is super different in the best way.

Track No. 5: She — Tyler, The Creator & Frank Ocean

This is one of my favorite songs of all-time and was recently bumped back to the top of my daily mix. The lyrics and premise of the song are super twisted, but that’s part of what makes Tyler so great, right? Combine that with some of Frank Ocean’s best work and *chefs kiss*

Track No. 6: fk this up — NOËP, CHINCHILLA

There is a hybrid of electro-pop, dance and intimate songwriting energies here. Good luck trying not to boogie.

Track No. 7: We Didn’t Have Much — Justin Moore

Justin Moore was a big part of the reason I first fell in love with country music. Admittedly, it took me until middle school to really dive into and immerse myself the genre. I always liked it, but I didn’t actively seek it out. Now I live in Music City, so that’s how it ended up. Moore’s new album is very solid, but he undeniably traded some of his rough-and-tumble ways for a more mainstream sound. This is my favorite.

Track No. 8: AIN’T GON STOP ME — reggie, Monte Booker, Kenny Beats

Ain’t Gon Stop Me is a really cool dynamic. The song is really vulnerable in recounting the obstacles and trauma that reggie faced throughout his life, but the upbeat and soulful production juxtaposes the heavy subject matter and draws from his Houston roots.

Track No. 9: Since I Left You (Prince Paul Remix) — The Avalanches

The Avalanches have been on this list before but legendary chopper and producer Prince Paul hops on this one to give it his mix. He orientates this mix toward the hip-hop side of things here with some pretty groovy boom-bap instrumentals.

Track No. 10: Real — Young Stoner Life, Young Thug, Gunna, Unfoonk

I know we missed it on last week’s mix, but YSL went really hard on Gunna and Thugger’s new licks. It took me a few listens to narrow in, but this is my favorite of the 31 (!!) songs on the deluxe album.

Track No. 10, Pt. 2: Slatty — Young Stoner Life, Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Duke, Yak Gotti

I’ve also been blaring this one when I need to get hyped for anything. Even if it’s just brushing my teeth in the morning, I gotta feel that Slime Love All The Time.


(The playlist may not refresh on its own below, but if you click out to Spotify and hit like, it’ll pop right up and you can follow along!)

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