Instagram Model Flaunts Ass In Support Of Hurricane Dorian, Upsets The Internet


Have you ever taken a moment to just look at the world around you and soak in how utterly fucking insane it is? How absolutely nothing makes sense anymore? How we’re possibly living inside a simulation that’s definitely broken? Well in case you haven’t, here’s your latest example: Instagram models flaunting their asses in support of natural disasters.

Now, to be clear, this is nothing new: Instagram models have been hilarious misreading the tone of a situation for the benefit of their own clout since the invention of the social media service. But every time it does happen, it serves as a gentle reminder that Planet Earth is absolutely bonkers these days.

Take Brazilian Instagram model Tatiele Polyana, for example: Tatiele — desperately feeling the need to show her support for those facing Hurricane Dorian — decided that posting a glamour shot of her on a Bahamian beach was the best way to stand in unison with the hurricane-devastated island.

Here’s an extremely rough translation of what she said, via Instagram’s translation feature:

“My heart is in 💔. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to know this water. Really a paradise. What a sadness, my god, to see the despair of people in the videos, so many houses, cars, hospitals, and places from this damn hurricane. Let’s pray for the Bahamas!”

Naturally, the most-liked comment on the post questions why she’d choose this photo (which, let’s be clear, is fuego) when discussing a matter as serious as a hurricane:

“This is a very odd photo to choose to show your concern for the Bahamas. It honestly seems more like you’re using the hashtag for a tragedy as self promotion,” the commenter said.

Look, was Ms. Polyana’s heart in the right place and was she genuinely trying to be supportive? I mean, I guess? But flaunting her ass to get some likes on IG under the veil of supporting the Bahamas in probably not the way to go about it.

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