Teacher Fired Over Provocative TikTok Dance Videos With Students

One teacher’s dancing TikTok videos with her students have caused some controversy.

Brazilian teacher Cibelly Ferreira has gained a large following on social media with her choreographed dances with her students.

Ferreira said she started doing the dances to engage with her students and used them as a part of her curriculum.

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“One of my students invited me to dance with him, and the class really enjoyed the interaction. After that, the other students began to ask questions, too, and I took advantage of the interaction and interest of the students to apply my classes with more quality because the students are more interested and excited,”

“I know how difficult it is for younger students to focus their attention on teaching versus social networks and technology,” said Ferreira. “I can take advantage of their interest and bring them closer to teaching.”

According to the NY Post, Ferreira’s videos caught the attention of the school, and they recently decided to fire her due to the controversy surrounding her TikTok videos.

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A dance-loving educator has reportedly been fired from her position for performing sexy dances with her students and posting videos on TikTok.

Cibelly Ferreira, who is Brazilian, has taught English all around the world, with her most recent class being taught at an unnamed language school

Ferreira has opened a premium subscription site and is currently making more money than her salary as a teacher.

“As an adult woman, who needed extra income, I looked for other forms of monetization. My mother, for example, knows this and accepts it very well. Even every woman should feel free and fulfilled with her body,” Cibelly told Milenio.

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