Texas Man Gets Mercilessly Mocked For Having Meltdown Because Restaurant Couldn’t Get His Wife Shredded Cheese For Her Fajitas

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Texas restaurant workers are currently risking their health every day they go to work and serve others as the state is currently seeing one of the highest resurgences of coronavirus cases in the country, but one man doesn’t care about any of that as long as they get his wife some shredded cheese for her fajitas.

On Saturday night, Twitter user JSV4 took to the social media app to complain that a local Mi Cocina restaurant made his wife wait over 18 minutes for shredded cheese, which as he puts it “the only way she can eat fajitas.”

Update Original tweet was deleted but here’s a screenshot.

The Internet was not kind to the man and his wife and instantly mocked them for complaining about something so trivial in the middle of a pandemic.