The Vibe You’re Actually Putting Out There When You Text ‘HaHa’

texting haha too many times


Although it may seem a little ridiculous, I think maybe the most underrated thing in the year 2020 is the art of being a good texter. There’s nothing that I appreciate more than a response text of multiple hahaha’s rather than just a plain lol when I know I have said something funny. A one-liner and good joke can be completely ruined and cut short by a girl on the other end hitting you with a simple “lol.” In this day and age, there is just no excuse for someone who doesn’t bring much to the table in a texting format. I brought the beautiful hosts of The Home Team Podcast, Sophie Julia and Narod Michelle, to get a female standpoint on the art of texting.

The mind games that go on during a text dialogue is pretty remarkable. One word or phrase can be taken in a totally different direction than you intended it to be. There is a very fine line you have to walk when texting, especially when dealing with a girl you are into. I was able to ask Narod and Sophie the hard-hitting questions that we all want to know but are too afraid to ask. What better example than the “haha” game? Is it weird that I use multiple “hahahas” rather than just a simple “haha?” Do girls find it to be a bit of a deal-breaker if the guy isn’t contributing the same amount of energy into their texts that they are giving?


These are the questions I have always wanted to ask and was able to do so on episode No. 78 of The Brilliantly Dumb Show. Be sure to catch the full interview on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.