‘The Breakfast Club’s’ DJ Envy Goes Viral After His Wife Publicly Reveals That She’s Faked Every Orgasm With Him During Their 21 Years Of Marriage

DJ Envy

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  • DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey are currently promoting their new book that chronicles their 21 years of marriage.
  • During an interview Casey reveals that she has consistently faked orgams to make her husband feel better about himself.
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DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey, may have revealed a bit too much information about their relationship to the public.

For the past week, Envy and his wife have been doing a media tour to promote their new book “Real Life. Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain, and the Magic That Holds Us Together” that chronicles the ups and downs of their marriage

During a recent interview with The Shade Room, Casey got candid when she revealed to the world that she rewards her husband with fake orgasms because it makes him feel good.

“I’m sure so many women can relate, you want to reward that man for that work, and the only reward you have to offer is an orgasm, but even if I didn’t feel it, I would still be performative.”

Envy added that he felt crushed when his wife told him that she was faking her orgasms every time they had sex.

“We had gotten into an argument, and then she was like well, you know I don’t be having an orgasm…and I was like yes you do, I hear it, and she was like no, I’m faking it. I’m like, every time? And she was like, yeah. And that just crushed me because I thought I was putting in work.”

The Internet was shocked at how much information the couple had shared in their interview.