New Theory Claims Solar Storms Will Cause ‘End Of The World’ On April 23, 2023

solar flare end of the world april 23


It’s been awhile since we have had a good “end of the world” theory sprout up out of the internet.

This latest prediction of the apocalypse apparently found its legs on, of course, TikTok.

According to, “a new conspiracy theory saying that an apocalypse of some sort will happen this Sunday, April 23rd has been gaining traction, especially among Spanish-language users, as the main source seems to be the account @lascapsulasdeltiempo.”

Let’s investigate.

According to this theory, an intense solar storm will take place on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

Why would this be bad?

Well, as we reported back in April of 2021, Dr. Mark Morris, a professor of astronomy at UCLA, explained that the apocalypse has a very good chance of being caused by the sun.

“There’s every expectation that in about five billion more years, that our sun will swell up to become a red giant,” Morris explained to the Daily Express.

“And then, as it gets larger and larger, it will eventually become what’s called an asymptotic giant branch star – a star whose radius is just under the distance between the sun and the Earth – one astronomical unit in size. So the Earth will be literally skimming the surface of the red giant sun when it’s an asymptotic giant branch star.”

That’s not what this latest theory is saying though. What it claims is that a massive solar flare could cause severe technological disruptions.

For example, the strongest recorded solar flare to ever hit Earth occurred in 1859 in what is referred to as the “Carrington Event.” That particular solar storm caused telegraph wires to burst into flames.

In 1921, the “New York Railroad Storm” also caused fires in electrical equipment and telegraph control rooms all over the world, while in 1989 a moderately strong solar storm knocked out power in northeast Canada for nine hours.

So, will something like that happen again on April 23, 2023? Not likely.

However, NASA has predicted a solar storm strike will hit Earth on April 20.

Space weather physicist Dr. Tamitha Skov forecasts a 10 percent chance that an X-class solar flare eruption could occur, causing shortwave radio and GPS disruptions.

Should that happen at the same time as a solar storm then it could severely affect power grids, mobile networks, and the internet.

Now that would be the apocalypse.

Then again, the strongest solar storm in nearly six years blasted Earth last month and space weather forecasters didn’t even see it coming, reported. The worst thing to happen during that event was spaceflight company Rocket Lab having to delay a launch by 90 minutes. We’ll probably be fine.

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