TikToker Finds Hidden Room Behind Vent At Airbnb After ‘Feeling Like He Was Being Watched’

This is bone-chilling. Remember all those urban legend / folklore stories back in the day about seedy motels and hotels with hidden rooms for creeps to watch people? A TikToker allegedly staying at an Airbnb in Richmond, Virginia claims to have found a “hidden room” behind a vent that he heard noises in after feeling like he was “being watched.”

It’s a big week for people on The Internet discovering secret portals to hidden rooms.

The TikTok user, @hebobadass says that the Airbnb hosts were surprised he was a male and “thought [he] was going to be female.” The TikTok has gone viral, with over 1.6 million times since being posted on Friday.

In the middle of the night, @hebobadass claims he heard noises from the vent and had a lurking feeling that he was being watched.

He investigated the “vent” at the base of the room to discover that it wasn’t actually a vent connected to proper HVAC –  It was a vent covering used to disguise a hole to another room.

The TikToker then showed “A whole nother room hidden.”

There’s no evidence to actually support that he was being watched the by Airbnb hosts. In the comments he writes “I was asleep and it was dark… I thought I was just hearing things until I looked the next morning.”

Super creepy and super spooky.
Makes you think about staying in someone’s else’s house, even if it’s at a great price.

[via Daily Dot]