TikTok Wife Pulls Epic April Fools Prank On Husband That Told Her To Stop Online Shopping

Very few April Fool’s pranks can be deemed Actually Good. Most are pretty cringe – they either try way too hard or miss the mark to get a laugh, kind of like those terrible YouTube prank videos that belong in the dustbins of Internet history.

This one, however, is worthy. It is Actually Good.

Online shopping has exploded during the pandemic – It’s easier than ever to fill your home with all sort of crap you may or may not actually need. I’ve spent many days during the past year aimlessly online shopping just to feel something, buying everything from bacon-scent candles to a blood pressure machine to cast iron skillet accessories.

For April Fools 2021, TikToker Melissa Beeler  pulled a fast one on her husband when he came home for work. He’s been asking her to save some money and chill out with the online shopping.

So what did she do?

Save empty Amazon boxes for just the right moment, meticulously reconstructing them and placing them on the front porch of their house.

The look on his face when he gets home and gets out of his truck is priceless.

It gets better – I don’t want to give it away, but there’s a moment at the end that’s pure gold.

Watch, it’s worth your time. Bravo, happy April Fools.

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