Woman’s Dating Advice Is To Make ‘Rosters’ Of Men For Free Food And Drinks This Summer Without Having Sex

Women making summer rosters of guys to buy them and girlfriends drinks at the bar in TikTok video.

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One woman is giving dating advice of making summer “rosters” of men they would consider for a relationship, but also to get free food and drinks, according to viral TikTok videos.

“This is your sign to start saying yes to dates and to start a summer dating roster,” explains Hannah from Texas in the video with nearly 700,000 views. “I have five dates with five different guys planned in the next two weeks just to network for my roster so I’ll have plenty of plans this summer and men to buy me and my friends drinks during our feral club rat benders.”

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In another TikTok video of dating advice, Hannah notes, “What I mean when I say I’m networking for my dating roster this summer:”

  • “Saying yes to guys who seem serious.”
  • “Only accepting dates that fit my current standards.”
  • “Staying celibate (bc I get too attached when I have Seggsy time).”
  • “Casually dating until I find someone I want to be exclusive with.”
  • “Being open to men that aren’t my usual type. Openly communicating expectations.”

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In another dating advice tidbit, Hannah reveals that she keeps a “dating folder.” She does it to “keep a dating schedule and keep a note on how each one goes.”

More dating advice from Hannah, women should not to accept more than two drinks from a man in one night. During the “initial dating stage,” Hannah refuses to see a guy more than one time a week. The dating guru instructs women to never let the man pick them up at their home.

Hannah uses hashtags in her videos such as “celibate girl,” “Hinge dating,” and “dating tips.”

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