TikToker Believes Shark Tracking App Accidentally Found Location Of Missing Titanic Submarine

OceanGate Titanic Submarine

Getty Image / Ocean Gate / Handout / Anadolu Agency

The missing OceanGate Expeditions deep water submarine built to visit the Titanic wreckage is still missing and believed to be nearly out of oxygen.

The scope of the rescue party that mobilized to search for the missing Titanic submarine is beyond compare. Alas, none of the highly specialized search and rescue vessels have been able to locate the missing OceanGate Titanic submarine.

One TikToker with the account ‘sqayl’ believes the missing OceanGate Expeditions sub was found, accidentally, by the OCEARCH shark tracking app.

In the video, he points out that two separate Great White Sharks ‘pinged’ off the Titanic wreckage site but the OCEARCH would recognize this as an anomaly and delete the data. He doesn’t specify *why* those specific sharks would have pinged off the wreckage site but he seems rather convinced it was the missing sub.

In the clip he says “The statistical likelihood of both of these sharks swimming to the exact same location where the Titanic sunk and Titan the missing submarine is located [sic] is an imaginary number that doesn’t exist.”

The video has racked up 7.3 million views overnight. And he has amassed a following of over 1.1 million on TikTok where he frequently posts about white sharks and the Megaldon, the largest shark to have ever swam in the ocean.

The sharks, Andromache and Simon, can be seen on the OCEARCH tracker. Zooming in on the tracker, you can also get a sense of how active shark activity is in the Northeast and New England at the moment.