TikTokers And Youtubers Who Fought At Celebrity Boxing Event Haven’t Gotten Paid And Are Worried They Got Scammed

  • TikTokers vs Youtubers Social Gloves event reportedly underperformed and sold only 136k PPVs
  • Fighters/performers are now complaining they have not gotten paid weeks after the event
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TikTokers and Youtubers who fought at the Social Gloves celebrity boxing match in early June haven’t been paid and they fear that the production company behind the event may have financial issues.

On June 12th, Bryce Hall, Austin McBroom, Vinnie Hacker and a slew of popular TikTokers and Youtubers faced off in the boxing ring.

Two weeks after the event, Hacker and others have said haven’t gotten paid and have had very little communication with the production company Social Gloves.

Here’s what Hacker had to say after he confirmed he hadn’t gotten paid.

Via “The BFFs Podcast”

“There’s a lot that we have to deal with right now, and I don’t even know the full story, I don’t know what’s going on right now. This whole time, this whole thing, I’ve been so out of the loop, because it was just terrible communication in the first place.”

Apparently, the event sold only 136,000 PPVs which was a lot less than anticipated.

Hacker isn’t the only one to accuse the company of not paying up. FouseyTube, the announcer for the event, says he also hasn’t gotten paid.

And neither has Marcos Villegas, the owner of popular boxing Youtuber channel FightHub who worked the event.

Social Gloves issued a statement saying they had hired a “leading accounting firm” to do an audit before paying out fighters.

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