Tim Allen Dunks On ‘Lightyear’ Critics, Says The Film Is A ‘Wonderful Story’

Tim Allen Dunks On 'Lightyear' Critics, Says The Film Is A 'Wonderful Story'

  • Some people have been critical of Lightyear for casting Chris Evans instead of Tim Allen.
  • Allen, though, clearly doesn’t seem to be all that bothered by it.
  • The actor, who will reprise his role as Scott Calvin in a new Santa Clause series, says Lightyear is a “wonderful story.”

Despite the fact that Lightyear is ultimately a movie for children, there have been tons of misadjusted adults that have been complaining about the film in recent months, whether it be about the half-a-second-long same-sex kiss or the fact that the titular character is voiced by Chris Evans and not Tim Allen.

Tim Allen says Lightyear is a “wonderful story” that has “nothing to do” with his original character

Allen, though — clearly capable of some semblance of critical thought — recently acknowledged that the movie Lightyear really has nothing to do with his character Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films. He also said that Lightyear, which he originally thought was going to be in live-action, is a “wonderful story.”

In short, the Lightyear movie is the film that Andy saw that inspired him to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy: Chris Evans voices Buzz Lightyear the movie character and Tim Allen voices Buzz Lightyear the toy. If, and probably when, there’s a fifth Toy Story movie — Allen will still voice Buzz.

“”The short answer is that I’ve stayed out of this [the discourse around the film], because I sai this a long time ago… this is a whole new team that had nothing to do with the first movies,” Allen said in an interview with Extra. “It’s a wonderful story. It doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy.”

It should maybe come as no surprise that Allen is full of praise for Lightyear as the 69-year-old actor is currently cutting a check from the Mouse House as he’s set to return as Scott Calvin in a new Santa Clause series on Disney+.

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