This Is Where Tom Cruise Draws The Line When It Comes To Stunts

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While Top Gun: Maverick hit theaters last May, Tom Cruise is still out and about promoting the film, this time as it gears up for an Academy Awards ceremony that sees it nominated in six categories, including Best Picture.

Cruise’s latest public appearance came during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which saw the 60-year-old Hollywood icon detail where he draws the lines when it comes to attempting stunts.

“I can jump off a cliff, but don’t go snowboarding,” Cruise said. “Or they [insurance providers] prefer I don’t get on a skateboard. And look both ways before I cross the street. That’s dangerous.”

So, basically, it boils down to this: if it’s taking place on a film set, there’s virtually nothing Cruise won’t do. Anywhere else at any other time, though, he’s likely walking around in bubble wrap. The more realistic the “stunt”, the less likely he is to do it — and if that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the Tom Cruise experience, I’m not sure what does.

And yet while Cruise is allowed to jump off a cliff on a motorcycle on screen, he lamented the fact that for insurance purposes, he’s not allowed to snowboard, skateboard, or do anything remotely risky in his personal life.

Kimmel ended his sit-down with Cruise by essentially asking him if there’s anything he wouldn’t do, from parasailing over an active volcano (been there, done that) to getting in a plane piloted by Harrison Ford (“Yeah, I would, I trust Harrison”) to running with scissors. [via The Daily Beast]

Heading into March’s Academy Award, the Best Picture-nominated Top Gun: Maverick is a heavy underdog to take home the big prize as Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is currently a massive betting favorite.

Still, Cruise has the likes of Steven Spielberg telling him that he saved the movie theater business, so that certainly counts for something.

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