Tom Holland Teases ‘Absolutely Insane’ Story In ‘Spider-Man 3’

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Marvel Studios

After a brief summer nightmare that had Marvel Cinematic Universe fans imagining a world without Spider-Man in it, Tom Holland’s widely-beloved version of the character is now well-and-truly back in the thick of the MCU, as Holland says production on the third film in the franchise begins this Summer.

Speaking to  The Philippine Daily Inquirer (yes, The Philippine Daily Inquirer), Holland spoke on the upcoming Spidey flick, describing the story as “absolutely insane” while also confirming the return of Zendaya as MJ.

“I’m super happy about it. We will be shooting Spider-Man 3 in July in Atlanta,” Holland said, while insisting he doesn’t yet know if he’ll make an appearance alongside other Sony characters like Venom or Morbius, or in future Marvel Studios movies either. “I’m not sure as to what they want me to do.”

He confirmed that Zendaya’s MJ will also be back for the next Spider-Man movie, but admitted that the couple might not be in the best place when we rejoin their burgeoning love story. “I’m not too sure what [the relationship between Peter and MJ] will be.” [via Den of Geek]

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At this time, the third film in the Tom Holland-starring franchise is set to hit theaters on July 16, 2021.

The next Marvel Cinematic Universe film to be released will be the Scarlett Johnasson-starring Black Widow, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, May 1. However, given the current coronavirus pandemic, that release date may ultimately be pushed back.

P.S. Between you and I, I’m willing to bet that Holland’s Spidey pops up in a Venom 2 post-credits scene later this year. Take that to the bank.


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