Tractor-Trailer Falls From Overpass And Spills Hundreds Of Beer Kegs


There was a scary scene as a tractor-trailer fell from an overpass, crashed to the ground, and spilled its cargo all over the place. The precious cargo — hundreds of beer kegs. We take you to Bensalem, Pennsylvania, where an 18-wheeler carrying kegs exited I-95 southbound and lost control on an overpass after there was allegedly a collision on the bridge. The semi-truck plunged 20-feet and spilled hundreds of beer kegs everywhere. Another driver slammed into the wreckage.

Thankfully, both the driver of the big rig and the car were not seriously hurt. Now to the important issue — how are the beer kegs? I’m happy to report that the beer kegs were empty.

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No beers were harmed in the filming of this near tragedy and no cases of alcohol abuse were reported. Thank the beer gods that they were empties. A massive cleanup team spent the rest of the day collecting the empty beer kegs. I-95 was closed for two hours and there was significant traffic delays while the mess was cleaned up.

The tractor-trailer had to be cut in pieces to be towed away. “We have a trailer that is broken in three to four different places. We’ll have to cut it apart on scene here, but first, we have to get it to a safe working place before we can do anything else,” Chuck Matthias of Rob’s Automotive said.

Thank our lucky stars that we avoided a catastrophe like the 60,000 pounds of Busch beer that spilled onto a Florida highway when a semi-truck crashed. Truck drivers transporting beer, you are a critical cog in the wheel of society, please make sure you are fully rested and focused when transporting such precious cargo. Or at least use very strong amphetamines to ensure you don’t doze off. Thank you for your service.


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