Trick Daddy Slams Jay-Z And Beyonce On Clubhouse, Immediately Draws The Wrath Of The Internet

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  • Miami-based rapper Trick Daddy trashes Jay-Z and Beyonce during Clubhouse conversation
  • Beyonce/Jay-Z fans fire back by mocking Trick Daddy on Twitter’
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Trick Daddy isn’t currently popular on the Internet after making some brash comments about Jay-Z and Beyonce on Monday night.

While having a conversation on the social media app Clubhouse, the Miami rapper slammed Beyonce as someone who could “can barely sing” and doesn’t write her own songs.

Trick went on to take a shot at Jay-Z and said Jay has “never won the greatest rapper alive” title.

Trick immediately received backlash over his comments considering how popular Jay-Z and Beyonce are on the Internet.

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