10 Tricks Casinos Really Don’t Want You To Know, But We’re Going To Share Them With You Anyway

by 7 months ago
Tricks Casinos Dont Want You Know

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Looking for a little edge for the next time you head out for a little gambling at a casino? Good luck with that. Kidding!

On Tuesday we shared some key gambling information as to which casino games give you the best odds for actually taking home some winnings.

Today we are here to drop even more casino knowledge on you with 10 tricks that casinos would prefer you didn’t know, but might just actually help tip things a little more in your favor once you learn them. Knowledge is power someone I’m sure was really smart once said.

For instance, do you know why casinos use chips instead of, you know, money? That’s because it’s easier to give away those plastic discs than it would be if you were having to literally and physically part with your actual hard-earned dollars when you inevitably lose.

Also, you know how when you walk into a casino all you hear is the constant ringing of bells and lights flashing all over the place? That’s to give you the false impression that, man, everyone here must be hitting the jackpot!

And did you know that in Las Vegas most casinos are supplied with their own signature scent that they pump through their vent system? Because they do.

Check out the rest of the tricks casinos are keeping from the average gambler in the video below…

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