Troll Fools Festival-Goers Into Buying ‘Healthy’ $30 ‘Hot Dog Water’

hot dog water

CBS New York

Everyone is so desperately trying to find that secret elixir that will stop aging and keep them youthful and healthy for eternity. However, sometimes that staunch quest to find the fountain of youth leads people to make foolish purchases just for the slight chance that it might extend their life. The latest and greatest example of this sometimes illogical pursuit of youth is people buying $30 “hot dog water” because they really think it has health benefits.

Douglas Bevans rented a booth at the Car-Free Day Festival in Vancouver, Canada last week where he sold bottles of Hot Dog Water. This Hot Dog Water is “unfiltered… keto compatible” and gluten-free. The bottles, which suspiciously look exactly like Voss water bottles, contained a single weiner. On the warm day, there were several customers who purchased the smokey, nitratey beverage for the “health benefits.” This miracle meat water is said to increase brain function, make you look younger, help you lose weight, and increase your vitality. The cost for this hot dog-flavored water is $28.53. One bottle, $30 bucks. This is far better than the time Whole Foods sold $6 asparagus water.

The problem is that Bevans isn’t a doctor, nutritionist, or scientist. He’s a performance artist. He used the hot dog water to troll people into realizing that they’re dumb for being duped by every diet trend they encounter. “We’re helping people, empowering them to use informed decisions in their purchasing choices,” Bevans said. “That is the message behind this.”

The crazy part is that some people actually bought into this quackery and Bevans said he sold about 60 liters of the weiner water. Let me remind you, one bottle is $30 bucks. This is absolute proof that many humans have far too much expendable income.

Know what would go good with hot dog-flavored water? A chocolate starfish. Fred Durst is missing a huge marketing opportunity right here.