Twitter Responses To Question Asking ‘What’s Something You’ve Said Recently That Would Make No Sense In 2019’ Are Hilarious And Sad

confusing phrases 2020


The year 2020 will be one that no one will ever forget.

Sure, thousands of the events and moments will get hazy over time, but in twenty years when someone says “remember 2020?” hundreds of memories will come rushing back.

Everything changed this year – the way people go out in public, the way kids go to school, how people feel about cops, protestors, statues, and even the way people react to certain words.

Tell me the phrase “self-isolation” doesn’t send a chill up your spine.

Adam Aston, a medical student from Georgia, wondered about the words and phrases people use now that would make absolutely no sense to a person in 2019.

Aston asked people on his Twitter account “What’s something you’ve said in the past six months that would make no sense to someone in 2019?”

The responses were hilarious, sad, and eye-opening. Here are some of the best replies.


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