People React To $2,450 Bill From Salt Bae’s Restaurant Including $15 Red Bulls

Salt Bae

Getty Image / Gareth Cattermole

  • Twitter users react with shock and horror to a $2,450 bill from one of Salt Bae’s restaurants
  • The bill included multiple $15 Red Bulls and steak that cost $854
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Many people, myself included, think of Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae as an Instagram celebrity first and a chef second. But the reality is he’s a high-end chef with an estimated net worth of $50 million and the Instagram stuff is all secondary and part of his personal branding.

A recent tweet from @jjamz_ has gone viral. It shows a $2,457 tab (£1,812) for a dinner of four people. The four Red Bulls alone cost $59.66. And the price of the gold leaf tomahawk steak amounted to an asinine tab of $854.

Now I love steak as much as anyone and more than most people but spending $854 on ‘gold leaf’ steak is insane. You’re paying for presentation (not quality or service). There was also a $135 ‘Golden Burger’ on the bill.

Twitter users naturally reacted with shock and horror to this steakhouse bill from an ‘Instagram Celebrity’ restaurant.

The more I stare at this receipt and read responses the more I am annoyed by the burger above all. Those prices of the cokes and Red Bulls aren’t all that shocking if you’ve ever ordered one at a Vegas or NYC club. But spending $135 on a ‘Golden Burger’ because it has some gold leaf tucked on it and not because it’s rare and delicious beef is just offensive.

At the end of the day, not everyone is paying for food quality. It’s often about ambiance and being ‘seen’ in the hottest spots, it’s about Instagram and social media clout. I’ve spent a lot on meals before and won’t admit the amounts here but when the quality and service and rarity of the meal is right, it’s worth breaking the bank.