Two Guys Try Taming An Alligator At A Party, And You Can Guess How It Ends

Alligator wrestling has never struck me as an appealing thing to partake in, and aside from the fact that I didn’t grow up in Florida, the above video is the exact reason why.

Just two guys hanging out at a Spring Crawfish Festival, playing with an alligator…what could go wrong?!

“Oh no, he just got bit!”

Yeah, of course he did, lady! Listen, this is what alligators do! Literally, ask yourself, “what are reptiles like alligators and crocodiles best at?” Eating people, that’s the answer! Haven’t these guys ever seen Peter Pan or Hook? There’s a totally valid reason that Captain Hook is terrified of Tick-Tock the crocodile, and this is exactly it.

The guy in the red is lucky he didn’t lose an arm, and I have to applaud the showmanship (assuming this was a performance of some kind) and the fortitude it took for him to hop back on that beast’s back when they were taping its mouth shut.

Not that any more affirmation was needed, but yeah, I’ll pass on trying my hand at alligator wrestling any time soon.

P.S. I can’t get over the irony of his shirt either.

h/t KHou News