Uber Introduces New Feature To Make Dropping Off Your Drunk Friends Easy

Do you and your boys go out and you all indulge in a few too many adult beverages. The next thing you know, you’ve got the toilsome task of attempting to coordinate transportation for you and your friends to get back to your respective homes. Uber added a new feature to allow a group of friends create one trip itinerary that includes multiple stops. That’s right, no more frantically trying to add a new destination after each drop-off.

The multi-stop feature went into effect on Thursday and it allows users to add up to three stops to your trip. “So whether you’re picking up friends en route or heading home from a night out, it’s easier than ever to ride together,” Uber said in a statement. Even while you’re enroute, you’ll be able to add or remove stops while on the go. The driver will be automatically notified of the change of plans.

To add another destination on the popular ride-sharing app, press the plus symbol next to the “Where to?” box in your app. Then you’ll be able to add in up to three addresses.

The multi-stop feature will be available with an update and the new feature will be unveiled globally in the coming week.


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