UFC’s Mike Malott Donates $10k Win Bonus To Coach’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Who Was Recently Diagnosed With Cancer

Mike Malott

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UFC’s Mike Malott is aiming to make a big difference outside of the cage.

On Saturday, Malott knocked out opponent Mickey Gall in stunning fashion at UFC 273.

After his win, Malott announced that he was donating $10k of $20k purse to his coach’s 15-year-old daughter, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

During his postfight press conference, Malott spoke about how his sister’s illness inspired him to donate the $10k to his coach’s family.

“Seeing my 18-year-old sister with a mouth of breathing and feeding tubes, and her not being able to move. That hit really hard and sobered me up and made me realize how short and delicate life really is. And here is my boxing Joey Rodriguez someone who I have known for 8 years, who has helped me get to this point and cornered me for my last fight and has given me direction and opportunity and love, to find out what he and his family have to go through with his beautiful 15-year-old daughter, it’s heartbreaking. Look I can use money but they can use a hell out of a lot more than I could.”

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