Expert: Triangular UFO Filmed Over Salt Lake City Is ‘100% A Real Alien Craft’

triangle ufo


While the United States government claims that the mysterious UFOs that were shot down by the military over the past week were not alien in nature, not everyone is buying it.

Especially after U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck said he would not rule out aliens or any other explanation for the objects.

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Thanks to the renewed interest in UFOs created by the U.S. government finally claiming to be taking the threats seriously, many public citizens are taking the concept more seriously as well.

This has resulted in a flurry of documented UFO sightings including one that occurred recently in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“From the SLC avenues mid September 2022 at sundown, I noticed a fairly large triangular object hovering in the sky,” the eyewitness told UFO Sightings Daily. “It was first floating stationary but moving kind of wavy.

“It then proceeded to slowly move North. I captured a total of 4 videos of approximately 1 minute 30 seconds each. The object kept floating North and then seemed to disappear from view.

“The object was definitely triangle and guessing the size could have been around 60-75 ft in length. The location when first spotted was just above the high rise buildings in downtown Salt Lake. It appeared to be about 1250-1500 ft in the sky.”

Prolific UFO expert Scott Waring, to whom the footage was sent, commented about the video.

“This is something very cool. A large black triangle was seen over Salt Lake City. The object seem to have a clear or reflective hump on its lower center that was semi transparent (as the screenshot shows),” he wrote.

“This object held position not moving, which means its not one of the Stealth fighter jets often seen over Utah. However it might be a USAF TR3B or triangle craft using the Stealth fighter design and body. But the fact that its sunset and the USAF would not fly a TR3B during the day to keep it hidden form the public makes me know that this is 100% a real alien craft. This is a UFO.”

He seems pretty certain, as do these people…

“I saw this exact same thing years ago. It was floating effortlessly with no sound. The one I saw was maybe 600 ft in the air. The second time I encountered it there were 2 of them and they were moving very slow,” one viewer commented.

“In about 1980-1982, I saw a black triangle craft fly over my neighborhood, two different times about a week apart, except this one was very low altitude, very slow and made no sound whatsoever,” commented another. “It did not look ‘other-worldly,’ but it did look like it didn’t belong. Looked like something we would see in our distant future.”

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. One thing is for sure. This UFO is definitely not a balloon.

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